Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Miles of Ironing

From the archives of All things Ironing - Miles of Ironing.

I have not been able to verify the original source of this story, having found various web articles claiming authorship but all having identical text. In essence, they were quoting a survey from 2008 which came up with some startling results which I will try to relate to you for the purpose of your entertainment.
photo modified by Osca
According to the survey -
Men iron a whopping 73 miles in their entire lifetime
Women iron an impressive 215 miles.

215 miles is roughly equivalent to 8 marathons.
That is a bout 2 whole days of ironing each year.

The poll, of 3500 adults found that 45% of men deliberately do the ironing badly
so their loving wife will take over.

25% of men admitted they still get their mums to do their ironing.

The poll also showed that the average person will iron 20 bits of clothing every week, including four pairs of trousers, 15 tops or shirts and a piece of underwear.

According to the survey, 3pm on a Sunday is the favourite time to do the ironing.

A quarter of the people who took part in the survey described ironing as 'theraputic'.

1 in 5 admitted they used ironing as an excuse to get away from husbands/wives, children etc.

Moreover, half admitted they had ruined clothes due to their lack of skill in ironing.

We say - All the more reason to call Osca and let us take the ironing off your hands.