Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beautiful Victoria

When we are not ironing - Daytrip to Country Victoria.

Every now and then, when the daily grind gets to us, a quick remedy is a day trip to the Victorian countryside.  Kinglake, so devastated during Black Saturday three years ago is just an hour or so drive from the City.  Come through St. Andrews and you might catch a weekend market.  The road to Kinglake here is winding and narrow, but offers magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. 

Kinglake sign
This area was burned to the ground three years ago and the scars are still visible, but between the black stumps, new growth of lush green has erupted as the bush is recovering.

Make sure to stop off at the Kinglake township and visit the local stores. The locals, traders and shop keepers can do with the extra business and appreciate that we remember what they've been through when the fires ripped their lives and community apart.
Kinglake pub
You can't miss the Kinglake pub. It is one of the great "Country Pubs" in the region. The food is of excellent quality and value for money with hearty country style meals. Most of the herbs and veggies used are grown in their own veggie garden. They also offer coffee and cakes all day every day and delicious cooked breakfasts on the weekend.

By now, we can not resist and point the steering wheel down a side road that winds its way to Yea, and then its on to Alexandra and Eildon before the waether turns.

The Cathedral peeking over the hill near Taggerty
Streaks of sunlight filter through an eucalypt plantation
Brewing storm on the horizon
A solitary gum tree lit up briefly before the sun disappeared behind the clouds for the day
Returning through Healsvile, we drive by French's Laundry which burned down on July the 10th this year.

90 years in business and employing 30 people, it was a bit of a blow to Healsville.  Remarkably though, the community has rallied behind devastated owner David Nguyen and his staff, with the Healesville Football Club letting the business use its Don Rd rooms as a headquarters.

Not much remains of French's laundry after it was consumed by fire
French's are now operating from a temporary factory in Hunter Rd, until the owners find a bigger factory to move into.

The folks at French's Laundry have been looking after our customer's linen and large laundry for 20 years, so it is good news to hear they are battling on, saving the 30 jobs and rebuilding. There is that remarkable country spirit again.