Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What do ironers do on a weekend ?

From the archives of All things Ironing - Humor.

So what do ironers do on the weekend ? Pack up their ironing boards and...

... go surfing of course :)

Ironing board Surfing beginner ? Here are some hints.

Positioning is all important when it comes to surfing. If your feet are not positioned correctly you will fall off or not be able to make decent turns. If you are not in the correct position when paddling for or catching waves then you will find yourself taking a pounding whenever you surf.

If you are not correctly positioned on your ironing board when riding on the wave then you will not be able to keep up the momentum necessary to ride the wave.

Attaining good foot position as soon as you get on the ironing board is desirable so you can get straight into your surfing. You don't want to concentrate on sliding your feet up and down the ironing board when you could be carving it up dude!.

Keep your body slightly crouched to lower your center of gravity. You will find you pobably have your arms out wide to aid with balance which is great. Keep your knees bent at all times, riding a wave can be a bumpy ride. Your body will be turned to the side (which you can see demonstrated in the picture above) and the top half of your body will be turning to face forward.

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