Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday, and all's well. 

I relayed Sue's comments on the quality of predampening yesterday to Harjit and Ishani this morning.  It is a tricky business knowing just how much moisture a particular fabric might need in order for it to "just right" to iron.  If it is too wet it will need to be dried out and take too long on the table.  If it is too dry it will need further predampening, and again, take too long on the table.  Though Harjit has already been at Osca for over 4 months, getting that "just right" balance takes a bit of training and a lot of practice and understanding of fabric types and how they had been laundered and dried.

Ishani, who has only joined us a few weeks ago is realizing just how much she still has to learn.  So far she has only been learning the correct proccess of ironing the perfect Osca shirt.  This week she he has

Nimali is progressing very well with her English.  She has decided to start a Thesaurus for herself, rather than continuing to rely on translations in her dictionary.

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