Wednesday, September 9, 2009

and the week goes on...

The end of week came by faster than expected. Overall, another good week. All the work got done and delivered on time. No customer complaints.

Sadly, our trainee driver was not successful by the end of the first weeks trial. Although he is a lovely young man with high principals and pleasant manor, an Osca driver requires to have some basic skills, like a Victorian driver's licence. Personally, we were privileged to meet, however personal feelings aside, we are in the business of providing the best posssible service to our customers and ultimately it is the customer's intersts that determine the outcome. Never mind, we'll keep looking.

The workshop crew are still enjoying the new jigsaw puzzle and it is beginning to take shape.


The new sleeve arms are being made. The sleeve arms are used to iron garments such as 'ladies shirts' enabling ironing a sleeve without a crease. Although we've used various manufactured arms, ultimately the best kind are ones we can make our selves to a customised size and shape design.

step 1 - measure accurately.
step 2 - if measuring accurately fails, draw line by hand
step 3 - once the wood is cut to shape, the ventilation holes are drilled.
"Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert hall."
- A day in the life.
step 4 - the sanding and shaping begins on the bottom side.
step 5 - the top (most important) edges are rounded and smoothed.
step 6 - 'Hey Presto', five new arms ready to be covered with padding.

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