Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pocket Ironer

From the archives of All things Ironing - Ironing Gadgets.

You are about to go in for that important interview and notice the crease on your sleeve isn’t quite razor sharp. The impressive tie you chose just for this occasion could be just a bit flatter.
No problem. Just reach into your pocket and activate your Pocket Ironer. Your personal standby ironer is ready to spring into action to make sure you put your best wrinkle-free foot forward.
The Pocket Ironer is compact.
The Pocket Ironer is versatile and easy to use.
Battery powered, the Pocket Ironer can be conveniently charged with a USB cable directly from your computer and comes with a clip attachment to hold the crease for easier ironing. 

The Pocket Ironer measures just 100mm x 60mm x 18mm and weighs in at only 60 grams.

The manufacturer claims that anything you wear that folds and can use a little extra ironing can be put right at a moment's notice.


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