Tuesday, May 7, 2013

17 billion dollars

Yesterday, I posted my thoughts about the 12 billion dollar hole in the government's budget. This morning, the finance minister Penny Wong announced that the estimated budget shortfall is now going to be 16 to 17 billion.
Finance Minister Penny Wong announcing the good news
At this rate, Paul Keating's prediction of a Banana Republic so many years ago seems like paradise.
Obviously, not being the first person to ask them selves this question, I followed a few links on the internet to find some graphics to illustrate just what a billion dollars looks like. To illustrate, I found these graphics courtesy of The Society Pages.
This is what 1 Million Dollars looks like.

This is what 100 Million Dollars looks like.

This is what 1 Billion Dollars looks like.
and this is what 17 Billion Dollars looks like.

" I think we need a bigger hole..."


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