Monday, July 23, 2012

What impact will the Carbon Tax have on our prices ?

Osca Newsletter 23.7.2012 - There will be no increase to our prices as a result of the Carbon Tax.
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As an Osca customer, you will know that we have identified reducing our carbon footprint as a priority many years ago and have installed energy saving devices, introduced new procedures and even changed the equipment we use to iron your garments with. Instead focusing on achieving quality of ironing with additional training.

When the introduction of the carbon tax became inevitable, we were obviously concerned about the impact it would have on our prices. So we did the calculations.

Assuming that our electricity bill may rise by approximately 10%, we took the increase, divided it by the number of weeks, the number of working days per week and the number of customers per day. Even we were surprised at the result. The total impact of the carbon tax on our power bill would be about 13 cents per customer per booking.  The amount is quite small when we divide that figure by the number of items per customer.

Of course it will probably take a few months to really see, as our suppliers make their determinations, but at this stage we see no need to increase our prices as a result of the introduction of the Carbon Tax.