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Future design concepts in Laundry and Ironing care.

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In this post, we visit the Electrolux Design Lab 2014 competition and highlight some of the designers and their entries.

Electrolux Design Lab sets out to inspire design students all over the world to apply their creative process to present their view of the future.

In 2014, the competition focuses on Culinary Enjoyment, Fabric care and Air Purification. We of course are interested in the Fabric Care innovations and ideas.

The Fabric Care design challenge brief as described on the Electrolux Web Page asks designers to offer solutions that can support the desire for sustainable, aesthetic solutions to make our homes look good in a way that does not create unnecessary burden to the environment.

Here are some of the laundry and ironing concepts offered by the young and upcoming industrial designers.

Andrea Chiampo studies Industrial design at the IAAD - istituto d'arte applicata e design, Italy and offers a vision of a new ironing concept future.

Smart concept table with Ironing robots.
Smart concept table with Ironing robots.
 A new iron concept.

A smart table that occasionally allows you iron in a clever and innovative way. A new way to have fabric care.

IRON Robots, through electromagnet system, have a greater pressure and movements around the mapped plan.

Protect your delicates clothes, drawing in the screen a barrier line where robots won't work.
Future is here.

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Šimon Řihánek studies Industrial Design at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology in the Czech Republic and is interested in both product and graphic design and also in music.

Wash and Iron your clothes on the go.
Wash and Iron your clothes on the go.


Wash and Iron your clothes on the go.

The key part of RollWash is a special perforated cleaning surface that rolls up together with a piece or more pieces of clothing, just like a roller blind. Natural dry foam is applied onto the clothes through this surface from both sides. After that is done, the foam is sucked out. The roll then heats up, drying any residual moisture and ironing the clothes.

The RollWash is easy to use for everyone thanks to simple, intuitive controls. If the user doesn’t want to iron the clothes, he can run the washing process separately and vice versa – he can only run the ironing process. All he needs to do is to push one button.

Not only the RollWash is small and light – it can be battery operated and therefore the user can move the RollWash to different room or even carry it with him to work, while the device is doing its job.

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Hugo Silva is 25 years old. Born in Pico Island, Hugo studies product design at ESAD Matosinhos - Superior School of Arts and Design, Portugal, has completed a course in jewelery with 3 years experience and loves art and design.

Smart hanger revitalising your garments.
Smart hanger revitalising your garments.


Smart hanger revitalising your garments 

Körper is a device designed for people who are constantly on the move, either professionally or for leisure. It is a smart appliance functioning completely autonomous. It is able to detect bad odors, spots and dirt, and will clean and refresh any garment to mint condition. Körper uses the very minimum of necessary cleaning chemicals and enzymes, will recover any material used and recycle what is possible for reuse. Energy use is minimum, slim film photovoltaics will produce energy during idle time, and low energy electronics together with multiple energy harvesting devices will rationalize energy use during functioning. Körper can be interfaced through a bluetooth low energy connection with any android tablet or smart phone. This way the user can control and personalization his Körper.

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Veronika Hlaďová is in her 5th year of studying industrial design at the Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic and likes to view the problem from different perspectives to find an original solution.

Clean, dry and iron your clothes in one step.
Clean, dry and iron your clothes in one step.


Clean, dry and iron your clothes in one step

IronHeart is product that help us to take care of our clothes in everyday hustle and bustle. The idea came from effort to solve three problems, that are lack of drinking water, air pollution and many diseases in crowded cities.
IronHeart dry wet clothes and evaporated water is captured inside the product and can be use again for ironing clothes. For ironing are used microwave waves, which dry and iron clothes in gentle way.
After one day of wearing, our clothes are usually full of bacteria and pollution, so we ideally need to wash them. IronHeart use UV radiation for destroying any bacteries or mold and unpleasant odors. And back to the space flows clean, fresh air. User can aplly scents to refresh worn clothes. Thanks to combination of steam and UV radiation, IronHeart get rid of any pollution in clothes.The whole IronHeart is made form fabric, so it is simple for storage and space saving in user closet.Because IronHeart is made from farbic, it could easily copy any shape of clothes.

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Juan Camilo Restrepo Villamizar is an Industrial Designer from Medellin city, studies industrial design at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Colombia and is convinced that with passion and dreams we can build a better future to live. He loves design, always thinking about ideas that can change the lives of the people.

Washing ball in your laundry basket.
Washing ball in your laundry basket.


Washing ball to clean in your laundry basket

Luna is an electrostatic spherical washing machine. The idea consists not to put the clothes into a washing machine, but rather, the washing machine between the dirty clothes.

Luna is a metallic sphere, which loads within, a little dose of water. When the sphere is placed into the dirty textiles, creates a cloud of fine particles of steam electrostatically charged, which comes out through pores of the metal surface, wrapping and permeating all the tissues. Luna flows between clothes through vibrations and pulses that control their movements, to scrub and shake tissues, detect dirt foci and detach it. The metallic surface of the sphere acts as a magnet: electrostatically charged, attracts dirt particles impregnated with steam and sucks these towards the core of the sphere. Finally, Luna dries with hot air the residual damp in the tissues.

Luna simplifies and reinvents the fabric care and contributes to preserve the environment and its resources. Elegant, simple and sustainable.


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