Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day gift 2011

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Hot on the heels of Easter comes Mothers Day in 2011.  It has been a tradition at Osca for 25 years to give our customers a small gift for Mothers Day and a week from the first Sunday in May we had no gifts.


As it happens, this year Easter and Mothers Day were just over a week apart and it wasn't until we had all the easter eggs packed that we realised we had forgotten all about Mothers Day.

Not that we are always ready on time :) Last year we fixed a similar problem by high tailing it to Chocolate Box and ordering a hundred chocolate hearts. It is getting harder each year to come up with something unique so that we don't repeat our selves and don't exceed our budget by too much.
In desperation we visited our mate Gary and as if he knew we were going to call on him, he had the perfect gifts. Fragrant reed diffusers. Already packed in stylish slender boxes, it was just a matter of tying and curling some nice ribbon and adding a little Osca card. Come Sunday night, a day before we needed to start distributing we were ready with all the gifts wrapped and packed. Close, but done.  Now we hope our customers will like them :)

Wrapping this years Mothers day presents was easy as they already came in stylish little boxes. So just a little ribbon and an "Osca card to say "Thank you for your custom".

It always puts a smile on a customer's face when they spy a little gift in their deliverd basket of ironing,

and this is what the diffuser looks like out of the box.